Egwuatu Family Trip to Great Wolf Lodge + Summer Camp-In

earlier this summer we road tripped to Grapevine, TX to Great Wolf Lodge and what a time we had! it was our very first time there but most definitely not our last.

GWL’s Summer Camp-In itinerary is bananas🍌 and designed to keep your kiddos entertained with major fun things to do from sun up to sun down (and then some!).

our kiddos enjoyed the experience and we didn’t even get off the parking lot good before they begged us to bring them back again!


we kept our trip a secret from the kids for as long as we could! my mom planned to travel with us and her house is on the way to Grapevine, TX. so, i packed up everyone’s suitcase and told the kids we were headed to Granny & Grampa’s house for the weekend. worked like a charm. the plan was to spend one night there so that we could wake up, celebrate Fathers’ Day, my dad’s 70th birthday (double whammy!), then pack up and roll out.


we would have slept in my old room buuut my dad turned it into his office. so we all had a slumber party in my brother’s old room instead.


happy 70th birthday and fathers’ day to my daddy!

Odego picked out the cutest burger cake from Whole Foods.


happy fathers’ day, Hubs♥️!

k, i was bursting at the seems at this point!

see how they reacted to the news here😝.


pretty sure he smiled until he went to bed that night. Great Wolf Lodge, here we come!

here are a few healthy snacks my mom and i brought along in our cooler:

  1. made good granola

  2. La Croix

  3. organic fruit strips

  4. sea salt popcorn

  5. soft & juicy mini plums

  6. fresh blueberries & apples


and of course we stopped by the landmark that is Buccees! you just can’t head up 45 North and not grab some beaver nuggets. if ya know then ya know ;)

we pulled up to GWL and it was POURING down rain!!! but our excitement absolutely overshadowed the weather.

we made it!


we checked in and got our ears🐺! they are such a nice, fun touch. this alone boosted my mood and i didn’t even get any lol. the kids were crazy excited about wearing them, especially the birthday boy.


so, more about the Summer Camp-In program-- it is simply everything you love about summer camping + the awesome activities provided by GWL. the program runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend, which means you’ve got some time left to check it out and experience the fun! here’s what else you can expect:

Special Summer Camp-In Package you will cherish these keepsakes for years to come.

Seasonal Camp-In Suites the cutest camping decor you ever did see!

Character Breakfast do not forget your camera.

Magi Quest we saw tons of kids running around the campus on this super fun ‘treasure hunt’ type experience. each clue leads you on another fun adventure!


the storm passed and we woke up to sunny skies and this view from our room! there are water slides both indoor and outdoor. Howler’s Peak Ropes Course (just north of the green slide) is another thrilling outdoor attraction but you must have closed toe shoes to participate. our kids are not fans of heights though and were all about the water attractions this trip.

after an awesome early morning workout while the kids and Granny slept, Hubs and i finished up, ordered breakfast for the room, and got ready to celebrate our big boy!




they scarfed down their food so fast because getting back out to the waterpark was the only thing on their minds!

listen up, dairy-free peeps! while on the phone ordering our breakfast, i asked the attendant if there were any dairy-free options available that weren’t on the menu. while throwing out a few ideas, she mentioned that pancake batter goes into the omelets to make them fluffier but that they could omit it by request. i hadn’t been to IHOP in a while but never knew that!! according to my IG Stories poll, a lot of you didn’t either! always ask for options as they might not be listed on the menu, and if you happen to frequent IHOP, ask for a ‘shelled eggs only’ omelet.


this is their ‘shelled eggs only’ chicken fajita omelet and it was delicious and tasted homemade!


“Granny let’s go swim!!”


we rubbed the babies down with sunscreen and then we hit the bricks!




me: hey guys, let’s stand right here and eat our dippin’ dots

*cue timed waterfall*



bwahahahaha #coolmom

we celebrated Dego with cake, ice cream, a birthday song, gifts, and a mini party in our room. he kept saying how he wanted his birthday at GWL every year! GWL clearly played such a major part of making his special day so special.

we made it to Story Time a few of our evenings there.

well, kinda🤸🏽‍♂️

the kids were so engaged and seemed to hang onto every word the camp counselors read.


we are so appreciative of this gift bucket we received upon walking back into our room one evening! details absolutely matter and this thoughtful gesture made our experience that much more enjoyable.

now, you might be thinking, “were there any less-than-stellar parts of their trip?” and i’ve only got two:

1. a monsoon hit full force when we arrived! we drove from Houston for 4 hours and saw zero raindrops along the way🙄. the next day, we wanted to check out the outdoor slides first and one of the lifeguards told us that the green tubing ride was out of order because of the storm. bummer!!! we definitely wanted to experience every single ride GWL had to offer. next time, next time.

2. Dego wasn’t tall enough to ride the Howlin’ Tornado and well, he let everyone around us know it😭😳.


we also hit the ground floor arcade several times after the indoor and outdoor waterparks closed for the evening. the arcade is open 24 hours, thankfully.


sadly our time at GWL came to an end… but we brought tons of memories home that will hold us over until we return again soon! we hope you’ll enjoy the Summer Camp-In program too! i’d absolutely love to come back when the park is dolled up for the holidays.


until next time, GWL.


homeward bound ❤️.

follow GWL on Insta, Twitter, Facebook, and head to their site for specific details and events for the location you wish to visit! thanks so much for reading!