VegFest 2019 + Chicken Satay

happy tuesday, peoplez!

be confident in the fact that once you do ALL that you can about a certain situation, God will do what you cannot. straight like that! I BELIEVE IT. do not allow your faith to be shaken!

sooooo… how was your weekend?

we hit up VegFest 2019 on saturday afternoon! this year’s location was in Minute Maid Park.


#FirstOfALL i had noooo idea there were so many vegan options in Houston. wowzers.

like many others who attended this awesome event have stated, it was HOT. and crowded..which wasn’t a big deal. it was the heat that was almost unbearable at times. my kids were basically miserable and asking for water every 2 steps. the retractable roof of the park was open but the A/C was most definitely not blowing. a friend and vendor at the event, Dominique of @VegSideMkt, told me why- cause it costs 30K to cut that thing on😲! there were several big fans every couple of feet, but they only cooled you off if you stood right in front of them of course. and if you’re standing still then you can’t peruse the booths and taste all the vegan goodies!


got some Good Planet smoked provolone from my girl as soon as we walked in (she had a great spot!) then disappeared into the sea of peeps.


we rolled by an Italian Ice booth and that definitely helped the kids cool and calm down. they enjoyed a few scoops of the Luigi’s pina colada & cherry flavors.

i also got the chance to give @SoVeganly’s taco bowl a try and was impressed!


looooove cashew queso and they did it right. the bowl was piled with quinoa, fresh cilantro, onions, tomatoes, chips and black beans. good stuff!


i got a few chocolate chip cookies from So Veganly for the kids to munch on as well; they had just finished them and were in happy moods again lol. how are they so big though!?

did you attend the Houston Veg Fest? who were your favorites? have you gone to a Vegan Festival in your own city or plan to?

sunday after church, we stopped by the grocery store for a few thangs.

neither of these things were on my list, ha. but after tasting the in-store samples, Sonny said we had to have it! i love Adams Reserve seasonings and the deal was if you buy the Umami Bomb seasoning, you get that yummy, all natural Pretty Thai sauce for free. done deal.


once home, i chopped the chicken breasts into chunks and marinated them in coconut aminos & the umami bomb seasoning for a few minutes. i added 5 of them to each skewer and grilled them on high heat for 4 min on each side. then i transferred them to a baking pan, basted them with the peanut sauce, and baked them for 10-12 minutes on 350 degrees, flipping once halfway through.


i only buy fresh asparagus on sale; i caught it at a great time! i love when the thick stalks that you find at steakhouse restaurants are available!


i dusted them with the umami bomb seasoning too and grilled them for 2-3 minutes on high heat on each side. perfect!


sunday dinner was scrumptious. for more dairy-free deliciousness, subscribe to my recipes if you haven’t already 😙. i got these beautiful bowl-like plates (or plate-like bowls🤷🏽‍♀️ on clearance from At Home last week. pretty spiffy.


have a fantastic week, yall!