Feed The Hunger Packathon🙏🏾 + Forever First Lady🙋🏾‍♀️

what a weekend to remember! what did you get into??

The Egwuatus volunteered at Feed The Hunger Katy and i got to see my sweet powerhouse of a friend, Regina, at work and in her element. she is the Packathon Coordinator for Texas and had been rounding up people for this life-changing event for months. the time had finally come!


i was extremely happy to support my girl but also just truly honored to come together with the Katy community and serve.

FTH’s mission is to feed the spiritual and physical hunger for the needy. they work to round up local volunteers to come together and assemble, weigh, and pack boxes of meals to be shipped to different areas around the country. this 3 day event is called a Packathon.


thursday evening, i served alongside my big boy Chiso! it was definitely the most fun we’ve ever had in a hair net, haha! our job in particular that night was to seal the bags full of the dehydrated meals, then hand them off the box packers.

Sonny held our thursday Fit Phix class down solo, and Chiso sang in his 2nd grade class performance immediately before our FTH shift began.


he’s so handsome!! and gosh, i can’t help but think about when my parents would come to my school band programs or sporting events as i watch Chi at his functions. like, that was YESTERDAY, yall!!!! how am i already watching my son do stuff i was just doing!? life truly is but a vapor. growing up, my dad used to walk around the house starting off his sentences like, “20 years ago…” and now i find myself saying the same thing🤭


friday night, Hubs and i dropped the kiddies off with Uncle Thew and made a date out of our evening! we were directed to join the Chick-Fil-A table and boy were they FAST. they were killin’ that assembly line like nobody’s business! no wonder they are #1 in the drive thru game😂


the time went by crazy fast! we then headed to find some food and agreed on Salata in like 15 seconds 🙌🏽 (that never happens)


no phones, no chatting about the kids (this time😅) , no fancy-shmancy restaurants or outfits, yet this was one of our most memorable date nights. if you’re struggling to make time for your spouse, you don’t need all the bells and whistles to make magic. we ate, laughed (not about the kids! promise), listened to each other, and relaxed. i’d say we are working with 2-3 date nights a month at this rate, but i’m shooting for weekly!

how often do you date your spouse or sig. other?

saturday i headed to work the final shift of the weekend with my church, Parkway Fellowship. i was so relieved for Regina afterwards, but she and the FTH team definitely have more work to do!


3 days. 5 shifts. 
603,840 MEALS PACKED!!!

now go get a full body massage and relax, ma’am!! i’m coming too🤪

i left there to go make lunch and dinner for the fam cause i was getting ready to go see my other girlfriend, Michelle! inspired does not even begin to describe how i left the Toyota Center feeling.


there was SO much positive energy and excitement flowing throughout the room!!! Mrs. Obama is so well spoken, relatable (her pre-white house story anyway😆) gorgeous, confident, encouraging, and flawsome.


i learned that she and Barack struggled with miscarriage & infertility, and conceived their two daughters via IVF. the girls were so young when Barack became president, and i admired how Michelle spoke about doing her best to keep a level of normalcy in their lives. i can imagine what a task that had to be! Michelle reminded us that our children will learn to react how we react to life. so, so important. often times when the Obamas would be confronted with a new situation, she would remain calm and confidently tell Sasha & Malia, “it’s fine. you’re ok. yes, you’re still going to school.” lol! i did think about Kosi for the majority of the time Michelle spoke, but she made me take an extremely hard look at myself and my path.


i have often felt like i’m too old to achieve my dreams. yeah, even at 36. i feel like i have been running from God and my purpose for so long that i missed my chance to live the life He mapped out for me.

*spoiler alert* that’s a lie.

however, i still have to wake up almost every morning, stir myself up in the Lord, and convince myself to just keep going.


big, thanks to my girl Dominique for the ticket! ain’t she pretty😍? we laughed and cried through the whole thang.


Kosi motivates me to keep showing up.

there IS something beautiful on the other side of our obedience!

you know what to do. just do the work.

even when you don’t feel like it.

especially when you don’t feel like it.


i could not wait to get home and share these gems with Kosi! i will repeat them until she can comprehend them for herself. what i want her to know and what i don’t want to forget:

♥️your story matters but if you don't see that, chances are no one else will either.

♥️what i say to my daughter can make or break her!

♥️ignore the noise and be true to yourself.

♥️you matter and have a voice! use it.

♥️if you don't take control over your time and life other people will gobble it up.

♥️don’t let somebody tell you what they THINK you should be or be doing.

♥️there is NO limit to what you can accomplish.


have you had the pleasure of hearing the Mrs. Obama speak? have you read her book?

share your take aways below!

have an incredible week✊🏽

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