🍦spring break🎉 + FOMO inducing recipes🍰🥙🍲 + dairy-free product faves

happy spring breeeeak!

we started ours with some fro yo last night🍦! there’s a place less than 5 min from our house that has dairy & gluten-free options so it was perfect.


we don’t have any plans outside of granny and grandpa’s house this year lol; what about you? i have a few brand collaborations lined up i will be working on that i cannot wait to share. i am so grateful to be working! Sonny often reminds me about my dream to be a nationally known blogger and tells me that i already am! while i still feel like i have such a long, long way to go, i do actually (finally) feel like it’s happening. ironically, i’ve been in a blogging rut these past few months because of some life transitions (leaving all my gym fitness instructor jobs a few months ago after 10 years) but i’m just doing my best to show up for myself in that same way. i’m also unlearning a few things. k, more than a few things😞. God has truly been speaking and i’m finally not only listening, but taking action and doing. the Godly grind is quite different from the worldly grind. yet another thing i’m learning and unlearning at the same time though! starting my recipe subscription was about the scariest jump i’ve made to date concerning my blog, but its put a fire under my butt something serious. many of you have asked how my subscription works, and i’m gonna put up a VLOG about it and answer all your questions! i’ve answered a few more questions below you should check out; so keep scrollin’👇🏽.

added to my recipe subscription this week:

i made a big serving of quinoa in my rice cooker and meal prepped some chicken & quinoa bowls for Sonny and i.

Q: what kind of tortillas do you use?

i’ve been buying and using La Tortilla Factory tortillas for about 10 years now. they have an overwhelming variety of tortillas vs when i found them (growth is a beautiful thang!) but i stick with my old faithfuls. i remember i used to hashtag them on Instagram even before they had an account! i learned about them through Hungry Girl and the light, high fiber, low carb flour tortillas are still my fave. quesadillas, wraps, burritos, tacos.. i use them for errythang.

Cajun Curry Salmon + Vegan Gouda Mac N Cheese

tonight’s dinner! i used these high protein, gluten-free shells for the mac n cheese, but any brand works for this yummy, velvety cheese sauce! ever since my girl Dominique introduced Violife to me, i have been head over heels for their cheeses. #allofem the parm. the gouda. the mozzarella. the cream cheese!!!! when you go dairy-free or vegan, CHEESE MATTERS (ice cream too!). it’s definitely the most popular question i am asked when it comes to living this dairy-free life. people just don’t want to give their precious cheese up, and i didn’t either, trust! i used to eat a lil’ cheese (one slice of papa johns pizza for example at an outing or party) and just deal with the tummy consequences later but uh, the older i get, the worse my lactose intolerance acts up. can’t do myself like that anymore. thanks to Violife, i’m good, fam.

🧀JUST FOR YOU: if you order any Violife or vegan cheese from Veg Side Mkt, you can use my code, FITFOODIELE for a discount on ANY (yes, any!!) of their vegan cheeses! a few of you have taken advantage after i mentioned this on my Insta, woo hoo!

lastly, for my healthy carrot cake lovers, i added these babies last night and topped them with my vegan vanilla cream cheese icing!

happy weekend and i hope to see ya on the other side!💋

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