my EASY, affordable secret to defeating fitness funk!

this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gain at Walmart. the opinions and text are my own.

confession! i have always desired great smelling clothes, but i’ve never known how to get them. every time someone walked past me and i got a good whiff (you know that neck turning, euphoric smell i’m talking about!), i would want to immediately turn around, catch up with them, and pop the question! not, “what perfume are you wearing?“, but HOW do you get your clothes to smell that good!? i need answers! i thought there had to be a combination of methods used, an expensive product purchased that was out of my budget, or even a crazy, tedious, top secret, scientific method / mixture i absolutely do not have time for. that couldn’t be any further from the truth though.


i never jumped in on the laundry pod craze, and to be honest, i normally bought whatever inexpensive detergent i came across at the grocery store, usually in liquid or powder form. welp, things have totally changed for the better! after initally using Gain Flings and taking the clothes out of the dryer, i was blown away and wanted to dump the entire warm basket of clothes on my head. they smelled amazing. all i had to do was drop the Flings into the wash at that! no measuring or pouring required. super easy to use.


we aren’t just a family of 5, we are a very fit family of 5! which means super sweaty, smelly piles of workout clothes are the norm around here. i was a little worried the Flings wouldn’t be strong enough for our fitness funk. the Flings are small but mighty! they totally proved me wrong.


the Flings are super convenient and definitely a life hack i can wholeheartedly appreciate since i wash clothes… a lot! i also love that there are no heavy jugs to lug into the house and the canister doesn’t take up a ton of shelf space either.


folding laundry is my least favorite task and i cannot wait to delegate that job to the kids 😆.

my secret to amazing smelling clothes and defeating fitness funk is out! head to your nearest Walmart to grab your Gain Flings! the Blissful Breeze scent is my current fave! be sure to follow Gain on Facebook and Twitter!

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