why butternut squash is so awesome + 2 yummy ways to eat it + 🎥how i cut and roast mine

butternut squi-zash.

not just a Fall favorite round here.

we enjoy it all year round, and if you’re tired of sweet potatoes, you just found your swap!


i’ve made butternut squash fries for our burgers before, and i will be using my air fryer instead of the oven on the next go round!


it’s also great roasted and tossed with fresh greens, raisins, and toasted pecans.

why do we enjoy it often? i’m glad you asked😏.

✔️excellent source of vitamin C



✔️vitamin B-6



these nutrients play a significant part in keeping your bones strong and protect against osteoporosis.

just 1 cup of cubed butternut squash provides 16g carbs, 582mg of potassium (more than a 🍌), and almost 7g of fiber! it’s super low in fat, great for eye health, and exceptionally heart friendly❤️.

my recipe subscribers have asked for more keto friendly recipes, so i hope your tastebuds get a kick outta my Maple Bacon Roasted Butternut Squash.

find this recipe in the description box under my how-to cut & roast butternut squash YouTube vid below! Like & Subscribe while you’re there, thank ya🙂

i KNOW y’all are patiently waiting for this Cheesy Turkey Taco Butternut Quinoa Bake below to hit my recipe subscription cause i’ve got the DMs from my IG Stories to prove it, hahaha! the wait is OVA! recipe is posted!! you’ve gotta try it for yourself and when you do, tag me on Insta👍🏾

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