Katy Mom's Network Typhoon Texas Meet Up! #weekendthangs

how was your weekend, guys???

the Egwuatus had a blast at Typhoon Texas for the Katy Mom’s Network mom meet up yesterday! what an honor it was to finally meet not only the ladies behind this great organization, but also a few of the moms that make this such a fun group to be apart of, face to face. i liiiive for their weekend roundup posts cause who knew there were SO many free/affordable things to do out here?! thankfully Audrey & Natalie do all the work for us, ha! #lazymama local mamas, 👍🏼 them on facebook and follow them on Insta if you haven’t already!


🎶yall gone make me lose my rind🍉, up in hur, up in huuuuur🎶
Kosi’s little suit!! she brings the girlie outta me, omg. it’s in here somewhere. don’t forget that you can get 10% off our suits when you use my code Fit10; more options at the bottom of this post! they are super affordable, so you can grab a set for the entire family! we are totally doing that this summer (yes, WE ARE, Hubs); keep an eye on my IG account this summa😁

i found the boys these cool matching swim trunks that they loved.

we will most definitely be back to Typhoon Texas this summer. i mean, it only makes sense to grab some season passes after doing the math.

this lil’ girl right here didn't want to do ANYTHING, including step in the water😕! we (read: Sonny) definitely had to warm her up to the excitement for a while; it was just tew much going on for her. even as i held her and waded through the water, she told me to, “stop moving, mommy!” lol. after i said, Koko it’s just like taking a big bath!” i saw the light bulb go off and her guard slowly start to come down. thank goodness cause it was only a two hour event🙆🏽‍♀️.


ashy and hungry! Kosi’s little strawberry flip flops were the perfect little accessory to her suit; i linked an adorable, similar pair below!


my watermelon tote is prolly as old as Chiso but i found it after a quick Google search, yay🙌🏽. it was just the perfect size to hold all our stuff (shoes, clothes, towels, phones, etc.)


cover up cuties! got a quick flick with Natalie in the parking lot before heading to get some grub. such a sweetheart she is!

the kids beeeegged for pizza on our way home so we ordered them one and stopped by a place i have only seen my entire life but never tried. Beck’s Prime! i know, i know, i got a salad at Beck’s Prime and not steak😕. the Queen of Hearts salad was delish tho! do you eat there? have you? what do you get?

are you here for all our mommy & me mania!? use my Fit10 promo code if you find something you like; i know you will! there are pages and pages of cute fits for you and your family to sport all year round.

we’re having way too much fun; especially me🙈.

anywaaaay, hope you guys have a great start to your week!

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