happy 4th + 19 weeks


bell pepper baby status!


 1 week away from being halfway there!? man. seems like after the 1st tri passed time really took off.  i have SO much i want to get done and now that i feel like going hard again (k, not too hard!) and accomplishing some long-term goals with Fit Foodie Le, LLC that's what's on my agenda.


 i got up early before the house woke up to get in some cardio and yoga, but the yoga class started later than i expected, dang.  i can't walk past a dumbbell without picking it up sooooo,

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="http://fitfoodiele.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/cake-by-the-ocean.mp4"][/video]

i did a few moves from my prenatal workout plans including this one that targets your glutes, one at a time.  it also challenges your balance, which works your core!  try it with or without a dumbbell and remember:

  • keep your knee behind your toes at all times.

  • sink down into the heel of the leg you're working to really activate your glute and hamstring. 

  • keep a flat back during the entire move.  workout how you'd like to look. nobody wants to walk around with terrible posture, right!?  that always reminds me to fix my form. 

current 2nd tri woes:


most times i wake up these days, my hands, wrists, or even my entire arm(s) are numb and tingling and i have to lay there and wiggle my fingers like a mad woman until it goes away.  so annoying!  ever since Father's Day, i've felt way more fetal movement, my tummy is popping out a lil' bit more, my breasts are sore/swollen more often, and my areola have darkened.  growth spurt!  i read that the numbness has to do carpal tunnel syndrome from the swelling that compresses the nerves in my wrists.  it tends to get worse as the pregnancy progresses. great! lol.  i could probably cut back on my salt and up my water a bit more to help fight the swelling and that's what i plan to do.

DSC_0659-01for the 4th, i baked up some lemon pepper, Weber Garlic Sriracha, and BBQ sockeye salmon,DSC_0658-01and grilled up some colossal BBQ shrimp.

 we hit up HEB after church the day before and it was a maaad house!  sample stations every couple of feet and people everywhere getting ready to party.   both the salmon and shrimp were on sale for 7 bucks and some change per lb; what a sale!

Chiso and i had a lil' too much fun on snap chat during our samples shopping trip (add us! fitfoodiele):PhotoGrid_1467675345275my bump gets me extra samples, weeeeee20160703170204745that ice cream concluded our sample fest!  DSC_0687-01i also grilled up some corn and lean, ranch turkey sliders with homemade guac cause Chiso requested burgers with his fireworks!  i really wanted some baked beans but by the time i finished all that i was TOAST and ready to sit down.  in addition to meal prepping for our 6 Pack USA clients and my postpartum moms, i am learning how to seriously get IN and OUT of the kitchen quicker by the day.  shortcuts are everything when it comes to meal prep! else you could spend way more time than you need in the kitchen and i don't have any to spare.  don't give up on meal prep and stay consistent. it will soon become second nature to you. DSC_0698-01our brothers and sisters came over with their kids and all the little cousins had a blast eating brownies and dodging watching fireworks. good times! 

Q:  what was the highlight of your 4th of  july?

K E E P   U P   W I T H   U S !



#FitFoodieLife VLOG: Lemon & Dill Salmon w/ Rainbow Quinoa


first off, *NEW VLOG ALERT!*

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eeeeerrrrrrmyGOSH, the recipe for this plate of deliciousness can be found in the VLOG above, so hurry, click it! 

2016-01-27 06.16.45-01-1

2016-01-27 06.16.45-01-1

 if you've never made salmon before you will be straight amazed at how easy it is to prepare, seriously.  i guarantee it.  this was last nights dinner and we have been enjoying it all day long today too.    and as always, this a fantastic meal prep recipe cause it's basically effortless. 



i can't cook rice on the stove top for jack, so i threw the quinoa into my rice cooker which worked puuuuurfectly.  the hard part was sauteing the veggies.... and that ain't hard, yall! 

enjoy this combo and give our vid a thumbs up while you're over in YouTube land!  a comment would be awesome too ;)



    excited to train with this beast of a 2 months postpartum mom again tomorrow! she is killin' it and getting her core and entire body back to where she's happiest.  she is doing GREAT and looks even better! yes, i work with preggo ladies AND postpartum moms, one on one!  email me for details, or send a preggo/postpartum mama you know my way.


happy thursday, fit friends!



brunchin' & baby planks



this had me CRYING LAUGHING!!!!!! you don't feel her grind though!!!  by any means necessary, church clothes, boots, and all. maybe she was just trying out the gym after church to see if she wanted to join though. why do i keep trying to find reasons to justify what is going on here!?


every time i looked up sunday while getting ready for church Dego was randomly planking- and he was doing it correctly at that! natural born athlete right there, haha.  Chiso is first up to play sports and he wants to play literally everything.  after completing his first 1k you can't tell that boy nothin'.


immediately after church, i planned on heading back home to meal prep and hit the gym since Sonny took the early shift.  however, he drove straight to North Italia for brunch!


i really only like surprises if food is involved so this was good. this was great.


Chiso spent the weekend with his grandparents so the house was EXTRA weird and quiet to us.  Dego was knocked out when we sat down, so Sonny & i enjoyed some appetizers while we chatted it up a bit.


bruschetta, baby!  this one was topped with: crescenza cheese, grilled asparagus, truffle, grana padano.


aaaaaand this one was topped with: grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper, saba, & oregano.

PhotoGrid_1430079643047i chose the *drum roll* sammaaaaaaaan!  of course.  it came with roasted mushroom fregula, horseradish gremolata, and breadcrumbs.   well done.  #punintended  20150426_140600-01

10/10 for presentation. so pretty!

20150426_140527-01and this was Sonny's D-friggin'-licious breakfast wrap!!!!  when we go back....i'm getting that. Italian sausage, smoked mozzeralla, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, roasted peppers...... 20150426_145215-1

nap time again. we get it. #teamnosocks


i hit the gym after brunch for some cardio and abs.  needed a break from the weights so that i could hit that reset button and start fresh the next day (monday).

1 hour of fat-burning, steady-state cardio went down!  i used the arc trainer, the stair master, and finished with a lil' foam roller action cause it makes my muscles feel so good!  do you own a foam roller?  ever see people using one?  try these moves after your workout or on rest day at home:


then i got up outta there.

20150426_184237-01-1     back home, i whipped out one of those Weber Just Add Juice Marinade Mixes i found at Walmart.  i used a combo of fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice with the Sesame Ginger blend.  that's all ya gotta add!  water would work fine too i'm sure. IMG_20150426_223912i used low-sodium lemon pepper seasoning on the brussels sprouts, and normally i'd take the time to make my sweet potatoes nice and pretty with my Deluxe Fry Cutter!  but not that night. nope. sometimes it's all about getting it DONE. i went to bed with a clear, confident conscious and ready for the new week.  i hope you did too, fit friends.

caption the very first pic on this post!!



epic Grammy meal prep

epic Grammy meal prep

 some days it's not about muscles, burning fat, or shredded physiques and washboard abs. some days gym time is just plain ol' therapy. that's it.  endorphins are my drug of choice and were just what i needed yesterday.  then my big boy and i went on a grocery run and headed home to meal prep it up.

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