Air Fried Crispy Salmon Nuggets! (oil-free)

WELL. these received mad insta love so i wanted to share them here on the blog too! by all means, pin away!

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people are loving them for 4 reasons:

  1. salmon 📞 #hello

  2. two ingredients (not counting the cooking spray but maybe i should🤔)

  3. oil-free

  4. lightening quick to prepare and cook


here are a few shots from my insta stories which is totally my blog these days, ha.

you can have your fish monger do all the hardwork (skin the salmon, cut it into fillets) so when you get home, all you’ve gotta do is cut it into chunks! make sure your knife is supa sharp.

i wanted to make this assembly line as short as possible! no egg, no dipping into anything else; just the best fish fry i grew up on. make sure you get the seasoned variety!


would you look at that!? crispy on the outside, tender and flaky on the inside. Hubs knew what he was doing by getting me this air fryer for christmas! he definitely reaps the benefits haha…the whole family does!


* preheat air fryer for 2 minutes *

  1. skin salmon fillets

  2. cut salmon into chunks

  3. coat chunks in fish fry evenly and place them in air fryer basket

  4. coat chunks in cooking spray

  5. cook on 400 degrees for 5 minutes

  6. flip chunks and spray with cooking spray once more

  7. cook for 5 more minutes on 400 degrees

  8. done!

grab the cocktail sauce and get ta’ dippin’!!

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so glad you guys are enjoying these! keep the tagging going!

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