🦒surviving the houston zoo (fit foodie le style!) #summer19

now that the Fit Foodie Family 5K & Kids’ K 2019 is behind us, we’re squeezing in a few more field trips before school starts back up. we’ve got less than 2 weeks to go now😲!

thursday morning, i got up at 4:15a as usual, trained my early morning clients, and got my day going with my own workout. i then headed to get a bag of ice so i could pack up our cooler with some of the kids’ favorite goodies. i didn’t want them to snack on a bunch of empty calories or survive the heat on straight sugar, so i made some filling, high protein turkey & cheese roll ups that they loved so much!


turkey, ham, chicken, roast beef- they all work! (*side note; Daiya now has dairy-free string cheese!!! they were all out when i stopped by the store but i am definitely gonna go back and check for them next time.)

i also threw in some Quaker cheddar mini rice cakes, chocolate rice cakes, and fruit leather. minimal clean up, quick and easy.


and of course we had a cooler full of water and Honest Kids juice! #hydrationstation it’s summer time in houston so preparing to handle the heat is pretty crucial. the small water bottles work best with kids because often times they don’t even finish the big bottles and end up wasting them! that is one of my pet peeves when we have events and parties at home😒.

we’re here!


bringing our Clutch stroller along was a great move because one minute Kosi wanted to walk, and one minute she wanted to be carried. well it was just too darn hot to carry anything let alone a whole toddler!

pretty sure Sonny had to bribe Kosi with ice cream to get that smile…but he got it✊🏽. time to explore!


me: “Kosi, look at the pretty birds!”


Kosi: “but mama, they are stinky.”


this was our first time seeing the new Cypress Circle Cafe! they provide locally sourced, sustainable foods that are delicious and wholesome for the entire family. we didn’t eat there, but the kids needed a restroom break so we walked through and took advantage of that good ❄️A/C. for my vegan/vegetarian peeps, there’s an Impossible Burger on the menu, whoop!


what a gorgeous landscape to take in upon walking outside the cafe.

i hardly ever wear shorts, but these were quite comfy and they didn’t ride up or make me feel like i was wearing a giant diaper! they’ll be perfect for running as well.


we did a crap ton of walking of course, and these shoes were there best pair for the job. they are breathable, lightweight, sock-like, and gripped the asphalt every step i took. and look at them! what a beautiful pair of sneakers! they are my very first all white pair.

k, back to the animals🦄


Kosi’s face after seeing a giraffe up close and in person for the first time.


she was mesmerized!


no giraffe emoji :(


🦍 there’s a gorilla one though!


checkin’ out the big cats!




giddy up!


Papa & his wild animals❤️


my tips to make the best outta your trip to the Houston Zoo:

  • go early! we were shooting for 10a but made it at 11a, just before lunch time. the animals were out and active and some of them were eating lunch themselves! parking can also be a beast, so the earlier you arrive the better. the heat of the day is around 3pm, and most of the animals have checked out by then (sleep, hiding from the heat, etc.).

  • grab a map (they are free) and let your older kids decipher it and direct the family on where to go next! this kept Chiso (8) engaged and excited about leading the family to our next adventure as well as strengthen his sense of direction.

  • i noticed that some of the larger exhibits (giraffes, lions, bears) have “Keeper Chat” signs posted (did you see it up there in our giraffe pic?) along with a specific the time. this is a great way to see the animals in action or up close and get cool tidbits of info about them you might not have known.

  • thankfully, the Houston Zoo allows you to bring your own outside food, drinks, and coolers inside! this saves a ton of money and keeps you and your family hydrated and energized. walking around the zoo is a workout.

  • neither Sonny nor i wanted to lug our cooler around the park, so we stashed some drinks at the bottom of our stroller and that worked just fine. if you forgot yours or need one, there are single and double strollers for rent as well as motorized scooters. i also like to wear a backpack (first aid, extra underwear & clothes for the kids , snacks, wipes, etc.) to keep my arms free.

  • there is a water play park inside the zoo open from April 1st - September 23rd! i mean, what kid turns down a splash pad?! bring some swim suits and towels for your little ones to play for a few minutes and cool off.

  • hit up the petting zoo & playground! being able to touch, smell, feed, and interact with the animals up close creates (hopefully happy, lol!) memories your kiddos will cherish forever. we planned to go sit down and eat afterwards and didn’t want to smell like goats so we skipped it this time😷

  • stay in the shaded areas (there’s tons of greenery and trees throughout the park) as much as possible and sit down and take a break inside the air conditioned building exhibits. don’t be so pressed to rush off to the next thing so fast! let the kids observe, ask questions, and enjoy exploring (within eyesight of course).


that’s a wrap, Koko!

Q: which animals do you most look forward to seeing at the zoo? also, share your tips below!