splish, splash! summer pool days (our swimwear & snacks)

20160625-1033789333happy sunny saturday!  these gold aviators are my current fave and my boys really like their shades cause it's been a week and they aren't lost yet, haha.  anyway, the boys knew we'd be hitting the pool later so they were suuuuper excited.  after i taught my Lifetime Fitness class, it was ON!20160625_230534we stopped by an HEB Pantry in the area and got a ton  few poolside snacks:

  • Fresh Sweet Cherries
  • Fresh Green Grapes
  • HEB Squeeze Me! Apple Strawberry Banana Applesauce 
  • Annie's Summer Strawberry Organic Fruit Snacks 
  • Annie's Friends
  • Emerald Dill Pickle Cashews (eeerrrrrmyGOSH, so addicting)
  • Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds
  • Homemade Guacamole (onion salt, fresh lime juice, avocados...das it)
  • Kim's Magic Pop Original & Strawberry 
  • Annie's Homegrown Bunny Graham Friends
  • 100% Whole Grain Harvest Cheddar & Original Sun Chips (Chiso cried for Doritos tho :-? )
  • and a last-minute addition.....

DSC_0319-01Betty Crocker low-fat brownies!! they were the first snack to go :P20160625_175446-01we're here! my brother was still on the way at that point, 20160625_180455-01but he made it!  baby Natalie is looking like, "mama... you sure?" hahaha20160625_180513-01usie!20160625_175825-01maaaan, baby Natalie is gonna be one tall, gorgeous drink of water.  20160625-1516288045loving and embracing my 4.5 month preggo body and excited about another cute, affordable, swimsuit find!  my top is sold out online, but my bottoms aren't and i am LOVING flounce tops lately! i would totally rock this one and this one.20160625-1198548838my Instagram husband didn't come adjust my top but it's all good!  learning as we go ;)DSC_0396-01  my water babies are wearing the same shark shorts, just in two different colors. DSC_0402-01there's my sis-in-law, Michelle, splashing with her baby girl, Camille,pool7 and the boys posed (kinda) with my other sis & bro-in-law, Brian & Kara, and their baby girl, Natalie.  waaaay too many pics for Dego #SoDone Facetune-201606272009625282 usie! Snapchat-4554346417627135617  we all were! that post-swimming hunger is unreal, right!? it's one of the things i remember from my childhood.  

currently in rotation on my feet: